VollKontakt Bros.

Vollkontakt Bros. alias Felix & Timo sind ein DJ-Team, welches seit ca. 2004 besteht. Der Projektname ist nicht zufällig gewählt, denn die beiden sind wirklich Geschwister und rocken noch immer, zu besonderen Anlässen, gemeinsam die Crowd.

Technical Rider

  • 2x Technics 1200/1210 MKII
  • Pioneer DJM-900NXS
  • 1x 230V energy source
  • 30×30 cm freespace beside the turntables
  • high quality monitor speaker(s) (levels of which can be changed by the DJ)
  • 1x Moskovskaya Vodka 0.5l
  • 3x Mate
  • 2x 1l water without gas
  • one bottle of good quality dry white wine

IMPORTANT: Vollkontakt Bros. performs with TRAKTOR SCRATCH. Please make sure that there are cinch connections between the mixer and turntables and also enough space to the right and on the same level of the turntables (30x30cm) to set up his equipment. The mixer connections must be freely accessible to enable the set-up. Please make sure that there are spear phono cartridges.

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